Monday, January 26, 2009

An age of wisdom

An age of wisdom where money cannot buy. A vivid reflection and retrospection.

Old age is looked upon as the pinnacles of life. Resourceful and more down-to-earth. A time of value added experience accumulated through the vibrant years of youth.
But the sad truth of human pride, even in old age, revealed the very weakness of human. The
moment of revelation is the ostentation of sort. Human selfishness is a characteristic inborn. We inflate our ego to keep in tune with our emotional wanting of recognition. We bragged about the bygone days of our achievements. We want to stand out to be seen
as who we were and what we are now. We want to live in a comparison world

We totally forget that being humble is a virtue of character. We begin to lose the spiritual and emotional virtue of a being. We grasp tightly the egoistic abyss of impermanence. We compromise our very existence.

How happy one can be in an old age of wisdom if we live simply and able to empathize with the
under-privileged, destitute and poor by uplifting their lives, we would have uplifted our moral
dispositon. We ask nothing in return but with a true conscience of heart. We stay humble in a true old age of wisdom. Experiencing the great warm of human interaction.

We would have lived a meaningful and fulfilled life. The greatest accolade of human humility.

Not many of us can achieve.

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